• Igra 5 €/os
  • Piknik na osebo + ena pijaca 15€/os
  • narezek 5 €/os


  • Positive work motivation and a good atmosphere at the workplace or in the team are extremely important for the success of the company team.


  • In addition to other sports activities, you can also prepare a picnic or team building event in our center.


  • You can play volleyball, mini table tennis, badminton, volleyball, football, try out the balance on slackline or you are giving a frisbee.


  • In agreement, the individual concept of the competition is prepared for the number of participants and the available time, which can be concluded with a picnic or They are served (BBQ or Bohinj plates) in the open air or in the club room.



  • Walking with group skis


  • Hidden treasure


  • Rope pulling


  • Walking on the rope-slackline


  • Sweeping the horseshoe


  • Toothed nails with hammers


  • Stacking a tower


  • Volleyball


  • Football

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