• Zipline adults 1x 18 €
  • Zipline kids 1x 14 €
  • Zipline adults 2x 30 €
  • Zipline kids 2x 20 €
  • Every next zipline 10 €




BohinjSKI-FLYer  Zipline

  • Bohinj is not just about discovering natural beauties and cultural and natural heritage.

  • In Bohinj, we can also experience many other adventures, and we overcome our own fears or limitations. You may have wanted to know how birds feel or our jumping champions on aviaries (Prevc, Kranjec, Tepes)?

  • Fear of height and speed can also be experienced in Bohinj. That is why we have equipped a Nordic center in Polje (3 km away from Lake Bohinj) with the device for the simulation of jumps, the first one in Slovenia. The device provides safe training and a safe jumping test also for those who would just want to experience the excitement of this exceptional sport.
  • Now everyone can find jumping equipment and summer on a new device and test on his skin, how our jumping champions feel. Opportunities to fly over 250 m should not be missed.





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